With the renewal season right around the corner, companies will soon begin delivering to the public their revised benefit packets for Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans.  You should receive your current plan’s annual notice of change (ANOC) for 2024 in the mail in September. Any changes to your plan will be listed on the first few pages of the booklet. Please read those pages to see if anything changed.

As a reminder the Annual Election Period begins October 15th and all choices must be made by December 7th for an effective date of January 1st 2024. Wade and I will be holding in- person meetings to go over benefits and answer any questions you may have. Enclosed is a schedule for each of us showing dates, times, and locations. No registration is necessary for any of these meetings. The meeting schedule will also be listed on our new website for review.  The web address is:  rdwhealthplans.com

As independent agents we represent most all of the Medicare Advantage plans in our area and multiple other types of Medicare plans. Please join us at a meeting to get the most current information for 2024. This year we are having the morning meeting as a “formal” presentation and the afternoon meeting as an “informal” discussion about the benefits for 2024. Feel free to bring a friend along who may also have questions regarding the plans for next year. Should you wish to stay in your current plan, you need to do nothing for the 2024 plan year. It will renew automatically.

With all the advertising regarding Medicare on television, radio, and mailings, please remember “not everything that glitters is gold.” There is always a cost for healthcare somewhere. We can help you evaluate the plans available for 2024 that best meet your needs.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming meetings.  Thank you for your continued business!


Rick Witzlsteiner, Wade Witzlsteiner