RDW Insurance Services – Welcome Seniors!

65 and Over? Let’s Talk!

Congratulations! You are now eligible for Medicare. Now what?

Have you signed up for Medicare? There are several ways for you to begin your Medicare experience.
  • Let us help you learn about Medicare by watching these informative Medicare videos.
  • Contact your Social Security office to enroll or get information. This can be done in person at the local Social Security office, by phone, or by using the internet (ssa.gov or medicare.gov).
65th Birthday Cake

Retiring after age 65? Next steps to retirement:

Most people have Part A on their Medicare card. Now it’s time to add Part B.

  • Contact your local Social Security office to get your enrollment paperwork. You will need to have information completed by your employer.
  • It is important to contact Social Security in a timely manner to avoid any gap in healthcare coverage.
Should you already have both Part A and B on your Medicare card, it’s time to make your decision.

Already on Medicare? Need a healthcare plan review? Have your healthcare needs changed?

Let us:

  • Review your current plan.
  • Educate you about your healthcare choices.
  • Offer alternatives for you to evaluate.