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What Makes Us Different?

Rick and Wade Witzlsteiner are not only experienced in insurance—they are educators dedicated to helping their clients understand the value of their health insurance plans.

Understanding Medicare

You may know a little or a lot about Medicare. You may be enrolled or just starting to think about signing up. You may be interested for yourself or for a loved one. Whatever your situation, we’re here to help you understand your choices.

Can I Help You?

Do you understand your healthcare choices? Do you have the right plan that meets your needs? Have changes occurred in the marketplace that affect your coverage? Let us help you answer your questions.


Turning 65 soon? Considering retirement? New to Medicare? Already on Medicare?


Need health insurance coverage? Current health plan going away? Healthcare Marketplace has you confused?

Dental & More

Wondering about other insurance coverage? Dental? Vision? Hearing? Critical Care? Cancer? Life Insurance?